Are you in a bind trying to decide if you want the Platinum or the new King Ranch? I get you-they both cost the same in some cases.

They still have their own thing, though. I’ll give you a rundown of all the changes coming with this year’s trims so you can pick easily.

Let’s get started.

F150 King Ranch vs Platinum: How Different Are They?

The 2023-2024 F150 Platinum and King Ranch trims are almost the same, with the King Ranch adding more comfort features and style upgrades.

These two trims have changed a lot in the past 3 years. The 2022 Ford F150 Platinum differs from its current version.

Here’s a quick look at a summary before we dig deeper.

FeaturePlatinumKing Ranch
Hauling and Towing11,200-13,500 lbs 1,735-2,445 lbs 
Passenger Capacity3-6 Passengers3-6 Passengers
Off-RoadingAdaptive suspension, with FX4 Off-road PackageHas FX4 Off-road Package but the suspension is standard
Bed Size67.1 inches67.1 inches
Cab Size75.4 inches – 76.7 inches 75.4 inches – 76.7 inches 
Engine Power and Drivetrain3.5L EB V6, 3.5L PB Full Hybrid V6Same Engines
Fuel EconomyGood fuel efficiency.Close to but not as good as platinum.
Technology and Comfort Features12 Inch Screen, Standard High-End F150 Trim FeaturesSame As Platinum, Heads Up Display, Moonroof
Interior MaterialSporty, comfy.Luxurious, elegant, classy.
Exterior DesignModern, slick, glossy black accentsTimeless elegance, bronze accents
Utilities/Driving AidsPractical, flexibleHas even more utility features.
Resale ValueHigh.Higher.

 Now let’s look at their differences in detail.

Interior Material

Winner: F150 King Ranch

With the Platinum trim, you’ll notice some special changes in the interior.

The Black Leather-Wrapped steering wheel with Active Orange Stitching feels nice and sporty in your hands, and the upgraded front seats are comfy and supportive.

Your passengers will definitely appreciate the heated rear seats on chilly days.

But if you decide to go for the King Ranch, it’s a whole new level of luxury. The two-tone look both inside and outside makes the cabin feel like a fancy getaway.

The Genuine Wood Interior Trim Accents look elegant, matched with the Mesa Leather-Wrapped steering wheel that feels solid and classy when you grip it.

And let’s not forget the massaging front seats- they’re a real treat, especially on long trips.

If you’re looking for the most lush interior with top-quality materials, the King Ranch is the way to go.

Infotainment And Technology

Winner: F150 King Ranch

Both trims come with great features to make your driving experience better, all the other lower-end trims have more basic options.

As an extra in the Platinum, you get a heated steering wheel to keep your hands warm on chilly days.

The seats themselves are heated and ventilated as well. This is perfect for you if you value comfort.

Now, you might be asking, “Are King Ranch seats comfortable?” You bet they are. Besides that, it even adds more comfort to driving.

Plus, the Ranch has a two-panel moonroof that floods the cabin with natural light, making the inside feel more open and spacious.

If you want to work on the go, you can even get King Ranch’s Mobile Office package.

Lastly, the Head-up display in the King Ranch keeps important information right in your line of sight, promoting safer driving for you and your passengers.

All those features give the King Ranch a win this time as well.

F-150 King RanchAspectF-150 Platinum
Color-Coordinated Carpet with Carpeted King Ranch Floor MatsFlooring and MatsColor-coordinated carpet with Premium Floor Mats
Mesa Leather-Wrapped, Black Leather-Wrapped with Active Orange StitchingSteering WheelBlack Leather-Wrapped with Active Orange Stitching
Unique Genuine Wood Interior Trim AccentsTrim AccentsStandard

Exterior Features

Winner: Tie

When you check out the outside of these trucks, the Platinum goes for a modern, slick design.

It’s got a glossy black grille and matching bumpers, handles, and tailgate that give it a cleaner look. 

You can even get chrome side mirrors, front and rear bumpers as well as a grille with the same design if you go for the optional chrome appearance package.

The 20-inch glossy black wheels further add to its confident look on the road. If you’re feeling bold, you can even go for the 22-inch wheels for an even more striking appearance.

On the other hand, the King Ranch has a timeless elegance to its exterior.

For a start, rather than having a pure chrome look like the Platinum, the Ranch’s chrome grille has bronze accents that stand out wherever it goes. The two-tone paint job and accent-color bumpers add to its sophisticated style.

If you go for the 20-inch chrome-like PVD wheels with King Ranch Wheel Ornaments, you’ll make even more of a statement.

So, if you’re more into a modern, sleek style, the Platinum is the way to go. But if classic elegance is more your thing, then the King Ranch might be what you’re looking for.

F-150 King RanchAspectF-150 Platinum
Accent-Color, ChromeBumperBody-Color
Body-ColorHandles, Door and TailgateBody-Color, Satin Aluminum
Two TonePaint StyleStandard
Chrome Surround with Bronze AccentsGrilleGloss Black Surround with Black Accents, Chrome Single-Bar Style with Satin-Chrome Surround and Six Silver Minor Bars

Utilities And Driving Aids

Winner: F150 King Ranch

The Platinum has 275/65 R18 OWL All-Season/All-Terrain Tires (4×4 Only), giving you flexibility for different road conditions.

If you’re looking to tow heavy trailers or boats, the Tow/Haul package is also there to provide the power and control you need.

Now, the King Ranch has all that and more. For a start, it has the Premium Aluminum Crossbed Storage Toolbox by Weather Guard.

It’s perfect for keeping your tools and gear safe and dry, making them easy to grab whenever you need them.

There’s the Adaptive suspension as well, which automatically adjusts to the road conditions, giving you a smoother ride and better handling.

Plus, the Running Boards make getting in and out of the cabin a breeze, and having the Jack ready for tire changes is a must-have.

Don’t forget about the optional upgrades! Both trims offer different tire options and the FX4 Off-Road Package, which amps up your off-road capabilities.

If you’re all about practicality and functionality, the King Ranch has some thoughtful features and extra storage solutions that might just catch your fancy.

F-150 King RanchAspectF-150 Platinum
Weather Guard Premium Aluminum CrossbedStorageStandard

Fuel Efficiency

Winner: F150 Platinum

Now, I can’t give exact numbers as the trims haven’t been out long enough to say proper estimates yet.

But, I’d say the Platinum would be the best in this regard.

This is because the King Ranch’s larger wheels can make the truck use more fuel as it rolls along – there’s more rolling resistance.

Also, with the extra features like fancy seats or heavier materials, it might weigh more. That can also affect fuel efficiency.

Still, these differences aren’t likely to be huge, especially since the engines, drivetrains and even the majority of the dimensions are the same, so both trims should still have pretty similar gas mileage overall.

Considering the engines alone, you’ll get somewhere around either 17 / 25 City/Hwy MPG (3.5L EcoBoost V6) or 22 / 24 City/Hwy MPG (3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6).

Resale Value

Winner: F150 King Ranch

Both trims start at $73,735.

But the King Ranch is often seen as the more luxurious option among F150 fans – a quick tour of forums like Reddit and F150 Forums is enough to prove that. It’s likely to sell for more later on because it has fancy massaging seats and special wood trim.

Plus, its classic style should stay popular, making it more wanted even after a few years.

So, it will probably sell for more money, even though it starts at the same price as the Platinum.

Will the F150 King Ranch Be Worth The Money For You?

Absolutely! The Ranch is like a Lariat on steroids, packed with extra luxuries. Even the look itself is special about this Ford King Ranch. If you’re after a truck that’s not just practical but also feels like a high-end ride, the King Ranch is totally worth the investment, especially for the long term, as you can upgrade easier thanks to its higher resale value.

Is F150 Platinum Going To Be The Better Option For You?

It’s not as great, but still decent if it’s your personal preference. The F150 Platinum is modern and sleek. It has cool touches like a heated steering wheel and snazzy seats. If you like a truck that’s comfy and looks sharp, the Platinum could be for you.


Is there any differences in towing capacity or payload capacity of King Ranch and Platinum F150 at all?

No. With both of them having the same engines, you’re looking at an 11,200-13,500 lbs Max Conventional Towing Capacity and 1,735-2,445 lbs payload capacity. The PowerBoost will have the least capacity between both engine options.

Parting Thoughts

In a nutshell, both trims are more or less the same – the biggest differences are just in the styling.

You won’t be losing much in value with either option. You’d see more of a difference in that if you compare the Lariat with the Platinum or compare the Lariat with the King Ranch instead.

However, I’d say that the King Ranch is more worth the money thanks to being more popular with other drivers – so you can sell it off when you’re done with it.

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