Are you torn between the F-150 Lariat and Platinum trims for your new purchase? It’s a tough call. But I’ve got you covered.

In this Ford F150 Platinum vs Lariat comparison, I’ve explained every aspect that defines these two trims so you’ll gain the clarity needed to confidently select the perfect fit for you. Let’s get started.

Ford F150 Platinum Vs Lariat Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick rundown of all the differences between the lariat and platinum trims of the F150:

FactorF-150 LariatF-150 Platinum
EnginesComes with a powerful 430 HP 3.5L PB engine. More options.Offers the same engine, no 5.0L V8.
Fuel EfficiencySolid MPG, long-range, flex-fuel options.Same options.
Interior FeaturesSimilar basics, touchscreen.Upgraded audio comes standard, heated/ventilated seats.
Comfort and ConvenienceHas slight upgradability in storage, with extra advanced features.Not as good with storage, but otherwise the same set of features.
Safety FeaturesStandard features, BlueCruiseSame set of features.
Exterior DesignIs more built for urban drives.More convenience friendly ready.
PriceLower cost, similar features.Higher cost, comes with extras only good in certain situations.
Resale ValueGood features and decent resale value.Higher perceived luxury, better resale.

Differences Between F150 Lariat and Platinum In Detail

The main difference between the F150 Lariat and the platinum trim is that the F150 Platinum oozes luxury with its heated seats and fancy sound system while the F150 Lariat is more down-to-earth, budget-friendly, and still comfy.

Now, let’s get into the thick of it and discuss the differences in more detail.

Engine And Performance

The F150 Lariat beats the Platinum trim in terms of engine and performance.

The F-150 Lariat and Platinum trims have similar setups, offering 4×2 and optional 4×4, so it’s a tie there.

The Lariat packs a 3.5L PowerBoost® Full Hybrid V6 engine at 430 hp – the Platinum also offers the same.

However, the Plat’s offerings are a bit limited. You get the usual 3.5L options, but no 5.0L Ti-VCT V8, which actually comes standard with the Lariat.

With both offering the same bigger engine as an optional pick, towing might feel a bit more confident on the road, offering enhanced acceleration and dynamic handling.

Both trims allow engine upgrades for a personalized performance blend.

F150 LariatAspectF150 Platinum
3.5L EB, 3.5L PB, 5.0L Ti VCTEngine Options3.5L EB, 3.5L PB
No Continuously Controlled DampingSuspensionContinuously Controlled Damping Suspension

Fuel Efficiency

F150 Lariat is more fuel efficient than the F150 platinum.

The F150 Lariat runs on Flex-fuel (unleaded/E85), giving it a solid combined MPG of 19. 

With a 36-gallon tank, it hits 576 miles in the city and 864 on the highway.

Meanwhile, the Platinum, equipped with flex-fuel too, gets a similar combined MPG at 19. Its 36-gallon tank gets you the same mileage range, too.

Both have the same tank size as well.

In the end, you won’t lose or gain anything with either option if you go for their most efficient engines.

However, the Lariat’s 5.0L has been known to offer fuel efficiency similar to that of PowerBoost.

Interior Features And Tech

F150 Platinum has better interior features than the Lariat

The F-150 Lariat and Platinum share basics like a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a stowable shifter.

Both have a 12-inch touchscreen and SiriusXM, but the Platinum adds a fancier B&O Unleashed Sound System and built-in navigation.

In seating, they’ve both got power-adjustable leather seats, but the Platinum’s are heated and ventilated.

Lariat’s good, but if you’re after a bit more luxury and tech, the Platinum Interior has the edge with upgraded audio and extra comfort perks.

I’ve also felt that the black seats coming with the Platinum are more premium-feeling than the gray seats coming with the Lariat.

Because of the better seats, the Platinum looks better on the inside as well.

F150 LariatAspectF150 Platinum
Active Orange Stitching, Thumb PadsSteering WheelActive Orange Stitching
Normal B&O Sound System, Unleashed Version OptionalSound SystemB&O Unleashed Sound System Standard

Comfort And Convenience

The F150 Lariat turns out to be a more convenient choice with features that make it more comfortable than the Lariat.

The F150 Lariat and Platinum share basics like keyless ignition and rearview cameras.

Lariat adds adjustable pedals and extra storage, while Platinum brings wireless charging and adaptive cruise control from the get-go.

Both have climate control, heated steering wheels, and cool mirrors.

The Lariat has the only slight edge in this factor. You can get a Partitioned Lockable Underseat Storage as an option.

You won’t miss out much by getting the Ford F150 Lariat- as you can get the same extra stuff the Platinum comes with, installed as Optional Features in the truck.

In terms of comfort, the F150 Lariat and Platinum trims are practically identical.

Both share the same interior dimensions – front and rear headroom, legroom, shoulder room, and hip room.

Whether you go for the Lariat or Platinum, you’re getting the same level of comfort.

F150 LariatAspectF150 Platinum
PremiumCrossbed Storage ToolboxStandard 
2.4kW, 7.2kWPro Power Onboard 2.4kW, 7.2kW, 2kW

Safety Features

Winner: Tie

The F150 Lariat and Platinum trims share standard safety features like a Rear View Camera, AdvanceTrac™, and various airbags.

Both include BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert, Curve Control, and Anti-Lock Brakes.

They also have Lane Departure Warnings, Lane Keep Assist, and Pre-collision safety systems.

The Platinum and Lariat both come with BlueCruise for hands-free highway driving, giving them an edge in advanced driver assistance.

So, if you’re worried about driving safely, you’ll have peace of mind with either option.

Exterior Design

Winner: F150 Platinum

Both look the same and they share a solid exterior design.

Either trim looks good, but if you need extra utility features, the Platinum’s your best bet, as it’s more versatile. This is the main difference between both trims.

You can get some flair with platinum badging and convenient power running boards that deploy when you open the door.  Both of these are special with F-150 Platinums.

On the style front, the Lariat offers a larger range of 10 exterior colors, while the Platinum is a bit limited with 8 of them.

As a small plus, Platinum also comes with a shiny chrome bit on the tailgate to add to the appearance.

F150 LariatAspectF150 Platinum
Chrome And Body-colorBumpersBody-color Only
Chrome And Body-colorHandles, Door and TailgateBody-color and Satin Aluminum
Black Two-Bar Style, Chrome Two-Bar and One-Minor-Bar Style with Chrome Surround and Silver AccentsGrille Gloss Black Surround with Gloss Black Accents, Chrome Single-Bar Style with Satin-Chrome Surround and Six Silver Minor Bars
Chrome And BlackSide MirrorsChrome, Body-Color And Black
6″ Chrome, 6″ Extended Chrome, Black Platform, 6″ Extended BlackRunning BoardsCast Aluminum
7Tire Options5
7Wheel Options3
1Appearance PackagesNone

Payload And Towing

If you want the absolute best towing capacity you can get, the Platinum might be the most useful to you.

It can pull along 1,735 to 2,445 lbs with its 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, which specializes in towing. The latter is also its direct payload capacity.

As for the Lariat – it’s not too far behind. You get a respectable and hefty towing capacity of 1,785 to 2,230 lbs.


I’ve noticed some folks on the F150 and Reddit forums were a bit wary about a $13k price gap between the F150 Platinum and Lariat trims, but that was over two years ago.

As of now, the Platinum goes for $73,735, and the Lariat is $65,195. The gap has shrunk to a more manageable $8.5k.

This gap is likely due to the Platinum trim’s added luxuries, like platinum badging and power running boards, as well as its extra utility packages.

Considering the updated pricing and features, it might be worth that extra buck if you’re into the fancy stuff and hitting the trails.

However, Lariat still offers many of the same goods at a cheaper price, so it gets the win here.

Resale Value

As for resale, the F150 Platinum will command a higher resale value.

Its premium status adds a touch of sophistication that can carry over to the used market, potentially fetching a higher price.

Even though a fully loaded Lariat might have similar features, the Platinum’s perceived luxury gives it an upper hand (especially with it being a couple of grand more expensive).

So, for good future proofing, the Platinum could be the savvy choice.

So, Is The F150 Lariat Or Platinum Better?

If you prioritize power, utility, and a plush interior and don’t mind the higher cost, go for the F-150 Platinum.

The F-150 Lariat is better if you lean towards additional storage and a more budget-friendly option.

Alternatively, while eyeing the Platinum, many also consider the F-150 Limited, which offers even more luxury and features. You can learn more about that in my f150 limited vs platinum article.

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for Platinum’s luxury or Lariat’s simplicity and practicality, or even find yourself debating between King Ranch vs Platinum, Lariat vs King Ranch, or XLT vs Lariat, rest assured you’re getting the rock-solid reliability that defines every F-150.

So, there’s no need for buyer’s regrets; pick a trim, any trim, and enjoy the ride. Plus, many of those fancy extras are optional for both trims and can be added later on, keeping your options wide open.

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