If you’re looking for a bit of luxury in your F150 without going all-out for the Limited or Platinum the Lariat and King Ranch are fantastic choices.

But picking between them isn’t an easy task either, thanks to the $8,000+ price gap.

Here’s a full rundown of the differences. Check it out so you’ll have an easier time finding the right pick.

F150 King Ranch Vs Lariat: What Is The Difference?

The King Ranch is essentially an enhanced version of the Lariat, particularly in terms of luxury. It has better features and better looks. On the other hand, the Lariat is a more affordable option that still provides a decent level of sophistication.

Here’s an overview of how they differ:

AspectF150 LariatF150 King Ranch
PerformanceMore raw powerAmple power, better control.
InteriorSpacious cabin, decent featuresLuxurious, more advanced features
ExteriorSporty, classic stylingSophisticated, high-end look
WheelsMore options (7)Less options (5)
Fuel EfficiencyBest combined city/highway performanceOffers better city performance and highway performance separately
PriceAffordableSignificantly more expensive
Resale ValueDecentRetains value better

Now, I’ll walk you through the details.

Raw Power And Handling

Winner: F150 Lariat

When you choose the F150 Lariat, you get a strong 5.0L V8 engine. The Auto Start-Stop tech saves gas when idling.

The 3.5L EcoBoost V6 offers a balance of performance and fuel efficiency. The 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6 gives turbo power with electric efficiency, making it great for city driving.

Now, for the F150 King Ranch, you don’t get the 5.0L V8 but the 3.5L engines are still there, providing ample power. Plus, the Ranch will give you a smooth ride thanks to the f150 ccd suspension.

Combined with the 4×4, which comes with both trims, it’s good for both city streets and off-road adventures. It’s a solid choice for relaxed driving with good performance.

Besides all that, the towing power you’re getting with both trims is a similar 10,400 to 13,500 lbs, and the payload capacity can be around 1,735 to 2,445 lbs if you get the standard EcoBoost engine.

F-150 LariatAspectF-150 King Ranch
5.0L V8, 3.5L EB, 3.5L PBEngine Options3.5L EB, 3.5L PB
StandardSuspensionContinuously Controlled Damping

Fuel Efficiency

Winner: F150 Lariat

Now, there’s no solid number for this one – the features can cause things to go up and down.

You have to wait until there’s more data on the average consumption of each trim based on combined user data.

However, I’d say the Lariat wins in this regard in general; with its 5.0L engine, it’ll perform slightly better in both cities and highways at 16 / 24 MPG (City/Hwy).

So it’s the better option for efficiency.

Lariat is an easy choice to make since it has the least consumption in both environments.

The King Ranch is slightly worse.

With it, you either sacrifice highway MPG with the standard 3.5L EcoBoost and get 17 / 25 MPG or deal with worse city performance but better highway performance with the 3.5L PowerBoost, which offers 22 / 24 MPG (City/Hwy).

Interior, Comfort & Convenience Features

Winner: F150 King Ranch

One great thing you’re getting with both options is the premium materials. Since they’re luxury trims, you get the full package – including things like real leather.

In the Lariat, you’ll find a spacious cabin with a 12-inch touchscreen that’s great for navigation and controlling media.

The Color-Coordinated Carpet and Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel not only look good but are also tough.

If you’re into music, the available B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen is fantastic, giving you clear highs and deep lows – it’s the standard variant, though.

The Front Bucket Seats with the Center Flow-Through Console in Cloth are comfy and practical, with plenty of storage for your stuff.

Now, onto the King Ranch trim. It offers even more luxury and convenience. You still get the 12-inch touchscreen for easy control.

But with the improved B&O Unleashed Sound System by Bang & Olufsen, you’re in for even better audio quality with more speakers and power.

You get the heads-up display straight from the get-go, too, unlike the Lariat which has it as a separate option.

The Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel with Power Tilt/Telescoping and Memory is a nice touch for adjusting the steering wheel’s position to your liking and saving your preferences for next time.

The Front 40/Console/40 Unique Sport Cloth Seats not only look good but also provide great support, making long drives more enjoyable.

Other interior items are pretty much the same.

F-150 LariatAspectF-150 King Ranch
Color-Coordinated Carpet with Carpeted Floor MatsFlooring and MatsColor-Coordinated Carpet with Carpeted King Ranch® Floor Mats
Leather-Wrapped, Unique Leather-Wrapped with Thumb Pads, Black Leather-Wrapped with Active Orange StitchingSteering Wheel AppearanceMesa Leather-Wrapped, Black Leather-Wrapped with Active Orange Stitching
HeatedSteering Wheel FeaturesHeated Plus Manual Tilt/Telescoping, Power Tilt/Telescoping with Memory
StandardTrim AccentsUnique Genuine Wood Interior Trim Accents
Standard B&O, Unleashed optional.Sound SystemUnleashed B&O Pre-installed

Exterior Options

Winner: Tie, Preference.

Both are equally good in this regard – whatever you choose, you’ll get a ton of choices.

The F150 Lariat offers a sporty look with the LARIAT Black Appearance Package and classic Chrome Front and Rear Bumpers, while Body-Color options give it a sleeker style.

You can also choose between the bold Chrome Two-Bar or aggressive Black Two-Bar Style Grille. If that’s not enough, you get Side Mirrors with Chrome or Body-Color Skull Caps to make the truck stand out further.

The Pro Power Onboard system (2.4kW or 7.2kW) makes the exterior practical as well, on top of it looking good – you get portable power, and there are various Running Board options (like 6″ Chrome, Cast Aluminum, or Extended Black/Chrome) for convenience.

Meanwhile, the F150 King Ranch focuses on sophisticated looks with Accent-Color Front and Rear Bumpers and Body-Color Handles.

The Two-Tone Paint Treatment and optional Chrome Front and Rear Bumpers make things seem even more high-end.

The Chrome Surround with Bronze Accents on the Grille stands out, and inside, you get a practical and stylish Premium Aluminum Crossbed Storage Toolbox.

The King Ranch also includes the Pro Power Onboard system, Power Deployable Running Boards (SuperCrew), and a Two-Panel Moonroof – so it feels more spacey and well-lit inside.

To keep it simple, the F150 Lariat keeps things modern and streamlined, while the King Ranch oozes luxury.

F-150 LariatAspectF-150 King Ranch
Chrome, Body-ColorBumperChrome, Accent-Color
StandardPaint JobTwo Tone
Chrome Two-Bar and One-Minor-Bar Style with Chrome Surround and Silver Accents, Black Two-Bar StyleGrilleChrome Surround with Bronze Accents
Chrome, BlackMirrorsChrome, Black, Body-Color
Standard WeatherGuardAluminum Crossbed Storage ToolboxStandard With Optional Premium WeatherGuard
Pro Power Onboard 2.4kW, 7.2kWPower OutletsPro Power Onboard 2kW, 2.4kW, 7.2kW
6″ Chrome, Cast Aluminum, 6″ Extended Chrome, Black Platform, 6″ Extended BlackRunning Boards6″ Chrome, Cast Aluminum, Power Deployable (SuperCrew Only)


Winner: F150 Lariat

Both trims offer a myriad of wheel options – so I figured I’d make an entire section to discuss them.

On the 2024 F150 Lariat, you’ve got quite a few options to consider – it has more options than the Ranch.

There are 20-inch Chrome-Like PVD wheels, which give a nice shiny finish. For off-roading or just general longevity, you might like the 17-inch Cast Aluminum Beadlock-Capable wheels.

Meanwhile, the 17-inch Silver-Painted Aluminum option gets you a more standard look. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, there are 18-inch Chrome-Like PVD wheels available too.

And if you’re really into customization, you can also go for the 20-inch Painted Gloss Black wheels, 20-inch Chrome wheels without inserts, or the 22-inch Gloss Black wheels without inserts as additional options.

Now, when it comes to the King Ranch model, you’ve got some unique choices as well. You’ll find 20-inch Chrome-Like PVD wheels, complete with King Ranch Wheel Ornaments for that special touch.

If you’re into a rugged, darker style, the 17-inch Cast Aluminum Beadlock-Capable Wheels offer a solid option, while the 20-inch Dark Gray with Machined Aluminum Wheels provides a sleek alternative.

And for those who want a bit of both luxury and style, the King Ranch offers 20-inch Chrome-Like PVD wheels and 22-inch Premium Painted wheels with Chrome Inserts.

These wheels not only make your F150 look good but also cater to different driving needs and personal tastes.

F-150 LariatAspectF-150 King Ranch
7 Choices With Optional Heavy-Duty JackTire Options6 Choices With Standard Jack

Extra Accessories

Winner: Tie, Preferences.

The Lariat provides practical features like Bed Cargo Nets and Molded Splash Guards, which help keep your truck organized and clean during your routine tasks.

On top of that, the Bed Tailgate Lock by McGard ensures your gear stays secure on the move, while the Decal Tailgate in Black adds a touch of personalization.

For added peace of mind, you can also get the Roadside Assistance Kit and Pivot Storage Box- you won’t be caught off guard as easily in unexpected situations.

The King Ranch is pretty much the same. However, you also get the Premium Aluminum Crossbed Storage Toolbox by Weather, which provides both style and extra storage space for your tools and gear.

Price And Resale Value

Winner: F150 King Ranch

So, I recently had the chance to compare the Lariat and King Ranch models side by side and let me tell you, the King Ranch definitely seemed more expensive, even though the Lariat holds its own pretty well in terms of design.

Starting at $65,195, the Lariat is a solid choice for those seeking a premium truck without breaking the bank. The King Ranch has a much higher starting price of $73,735.

Now, let’s chat about resale value. Both the Lariat and King Ranch maintain their value quite nicely over time, thanks to Ford’s reputation for crafting durable trucks.

However, considering its higher initial price and deluxe features, the King Ranch will hold onto its value much better than the Lariat.

The former is also far more popular online across forums like Reddit and F150 Enthusiasts.

So, if you’re looking for a truck that not only wows on the road but also maintains its value when it’s time to sell or trade in, the King Ranch might just have that edge.

which is better F150 King Ranch or Lariat?

If you want a truck that’s simple, powerful and efficient, go for the F150 Lariat. It’s definitely the better choice if you’re doing a lot of towing. But if you just want a ton of comfort features combined with a high-tier look, the King Ranch is certainly worth considering. It’s expensive, but it’s designed to age well so you can get rid of it at a good price when you’re tired of it.


Which F150 trim is more popular, Lariat or King Ranch?

The Lariat is more popular due to its affordability. When comparing the F150 Lariat vs XLT, the Lariat is often considered the second-best trim in terms of value, just behind the XLT.

Is the King Ranch still usable for work?

Yes, but it’s not specialized for the task. If you want a higher-end option that’s fit for the job, you’ll be better off with the Platinum. When comparing the F150 King Ranch vs Platinum, the Platinum trim is the King Ranch’s workhorse equivalent—literally having the same price and offering better suitability for work tasks. Also, in the F150 Lariat vs Platinum comparison, the Platinum is notably better than the Lariat.

Final Words

Looking past all that, both trims are pretty much the same when it comes to safety, security, and off-road abilities.

So, it’s really about how much luxury you’re after. If you’re up for splurging a bit, the King Ranch is worth the money and usually delivers that extra luxury. On the other hand, if you need to tow, the Lariat is a must-pick.

If you’re curious about how the F150 Tremor compares to the Lariat, especially in terms of off-road performance and style, be sure to check out my article on the F150 Tremor vs Lariat.

I hope that cleared things up for you. Good luck getting yourself a great ride!

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