The Eco Mode might not have as much of a punch as ford f150 drive modes like Sports Mode, but it offers savings in spades.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to use it and how it works.

What Does Eco Mode Do On F150?

Eco Mode makes things better by adjusting your Ford F150 for fuel efficiency, giving you more gas mileage.

EcoMode monitors driving habits and keeps tabs on everything, from how fast you go to when you hit the clutch. It even spots those short trips with a cold engine.

This data is then translated into the display on your dashboard using flower icons. The more petals light up, the more fuel efficiency.

When EcoMode kicks in, it subtly tweaks how your F-150 behaves. It smooths out your acceleration, making it gentler on the gas pedal.

EcoMode nudges your truck to shift gears at just the right times. This means your engine uses fuel more efficiently, especially during quick trips.

How To Turn On Ford F150 Eco Mode?

Follow these steps to turn on eco mode in your Ford F150:

  1. Start your Ford F-150’s engine to initiate the activation process.
  2. Depending on your truck’s shifter type, either press the column shifter or the “DM” button on the console shifter to access the drive mode menu.
  3. Navigate to the “Eco Mode” option displayed on the instrument cluster screen.
  4. Confirm your selection by pressing the “OK” button on the steering wheel controls.
  5. Check for the illuminated “Eco” icon on the instrument cluster, indicating that Eco Mode is now active.

How To Turn Off Ford F150 Eco Mode?

The process is the same for switching back to normal mode; just access the drive mode menu and press the “Normal Mode” option.

How Would A Driver Feel After Changing into Eco Mode?

When an F150 driver switches to Eco Mode, they’ll notice the air conditioning operates at lower levels, potentially leading to a warmer cabin on hot days, and passengers might find it less comfortable. 

The truck’s acceleration can also feel somewhat sluggish due to the adjusted throttle response.

When To Use Eco Mode In Ford F150

When you’re driving your Ford F150, Eco Mode can be a handy feature in a few situations:

  • Cruising on the Highway: If you’re taking a long trip on the highway, Eco Mode can help you save on gas. It makes the engine work more efficiently at steady speeds.
  • Daily Commutes: When you’re dealing with stop-and-go traffic during your daily commute, Eco Mode can make your drive smoother and more fuel-efficient.
  • City Driving: In the city, where you often have to stop at red lights and drive at lower speeds, Eco Mode is your friend.
  • Long Road Trips: If you’re planning a long road trip, Eco Mode can extend the time between fill-ups, so you spend less time at gas stations.

When Not To Use Eco Mode In Ford F150

Despite obvious benefits, there are times when it’s better to turn it off:

  • Towing Heavy Loads: If you’re hauling a heavy trailer or a lot of stuff in the bed, don’t use Eco Mode. Turn it off for that extra power.
  • Quick Acceleration: When you need to speed up fast, like merging onto a highway, Eco Mode might not be as responsive. Disable it for that extra kick.
  • Off-Roading Trips: Off-road trips need immediate power, and Eco Mode could slow you down. So, keep it off when you’re going off the beaten path.
  • Extreme Weather: In very hot or cold weather, Eco Mode can affect your AC or heater, making the cabin less comfortable. It’s a good idea to disable it during extreme conditions.


Is there Much difference between Normal mode and F-150 ECO mode?

Normal mode offers standard power, while Eco mode prioritizes fuel efficiency. You can read the F150 Eco Mode Vs Normal article to learn more on this topic.

Can you keep eco mode on all the time?

Yes, it’s your choice. Eco mode saves fuel but can feel sluggish during rapid accelerations.

Is Eco mode good for AC?

Yes, Eco mode can prolong the AC lifespan by reducing strain, making it operate more efficiently.

Is this mode exclusive to specific trims?

No, it’s not. Whether you’re on an F150 Lariat or an entry-level F150 XL, you can access this mode.

To wrap it up

When you slip behind the wheel of your Ford F150, you’ll likely find yourself relying on Eco Mode more than any other drive mode. 

The F150 has consistently secured its spot on the top 10 lists, largely thanks to Eco Mode. 

Even now, reputable automotive websites like Edmunds rank it at #1, all thanks to its outstanding fuel efficiency.

I hope I helped showcase how it’s a great balance between functionality and savings. Go on and give it a spin, you’ll have to deal with a lighter wallet far less often.

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