Wish getting into your F150’s truck bed was more comfortable? It can be! 

Find out how to add tailgate step to your f150 with this installation guide, complete with suggestions on the best types of tailgate step for your truck.

How To Add A Tailgate Step In F150?

Without further ado, let’s get to the process of adding a tailgate step to an F150.

You’ll need the following tools: Torque wrenches, Open-end wrenches, Allen bits, Ratchet and socket set and Breaker bar.

  1. Set up the tailgate step by putting brackets on linkages with socket bolts; make it fit well.
  2. Tighten things up with a torque wrench; go for about 33 foot-pounds.
  3. Take off the bracket under the truck with an open-end wrench.
  4. Stick in new bolts from the tailgate step kit where you took off the old ones.
  5. Use a ratchet to put the mount on the truck really well.
  6. Tighten those bolts with a torque wrench and shoot for about 42 foot-pounds.
  7. Find a good spot for the step pads on the tailgate.
  8. Pop weld nuts into the step’s slots and slap on the lower part of the linkage.
  9. Screw in Allen screws from the bottom of the step pads, but don’t go crazy tight.
  10. Keep the footstep a bit loose so you can tweak it, let it move a little from side to side.
  11. Last thing, tighten the step pads with a torque wrench to 6 foot-pounds.

There you go, it should be all set up now. Just a heads up, do keep an eye out for any misaligned hinges or loose components in your F-150’s tailgate. Those could cause some squeaky noises down the road.

What Type Of Tailgate Step Should You Consider For Your F150?

There aren’t many types of tailgate steps, but you can keep an eye out for the following characteristics:.

  • Sturdy Coated Steel Build: Go for steps made of coated steel. It’s tough, durable, and gives extra protection against the elements, which is handy since the step hangs out underneath the truck.
  • Ability To Handle Up to 400 lbs: Look for steps that can handle a load this high. That way, it’ll be versatile enough for all kinds of situations and users, and it won’t buckle under pressure.
  • Rubber-Coated Pads: Make sure the steps have rubber-coated pads. It adds durability and makes sure you won’t slip, even if your shoes are wet or muddy.
  • Groovy Step Pads: Opt for step pads with grooves. They give you extra grip, so you won’t be falling off in slippery conditions.


How much would it cost to add a tailgate to your Ford F150?

Pricing for good tailgate steps can range from $400 to $500. You can find other options for cheaper, but they have a lower weight rating – most having a tolerance of only up to 300 lbs. You can also get these steps from many salvage yards.

Does Ford make a step up tailgate?

Yes, you can find OEM tailgate steps from Ford.

Which F150 comes with an integrated tailgate step?

The integrated tailgate step is standard on the Ford F-150 Limited models and optional on the Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum models. If you go for the XL or XLT models, you can opt for a tailgate step, but it won’t have the power tailgate.

What is Ford tailgate lift assist?

A Ford F-150 tailgate lift assist prevents slamming and potential wear on connectors, saving you from costly repairs. It’s a practical upgrade for smoother tailgate operation, offering options like single or double pieces and handles for easy use, making heavy loading a breeze.

Ending Remarks

Adding a tailgate step is a practical upgrade to your F150. Follow my installation tips and you’ll have easier access to your truck bed in no time.

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