When your F150’s ABS starts having problems, it’s not just your truck’s functionality that’s getting gutted, but it’s safety as well.

In this article, I’ll tell you all you need to know about the F150’s ABS module problems and how you can fix them.

Ford F150 ABS Module Problems And How To Fix Them

Ford F150 owners may encounter ABS module problems such as the ABS light blinking for no apparent reason, communication problems of the truck’s system with the ABS module, the ABS light flashing alongside pre-collision assist being unavailable, and the ABS light staying on with no codes even though the brakes are functioning properly.

These ABS module issues can be fixed by replacing the OEM ABS module, checking for wiring damage, and ensuring the sensors are securely mounted.

Ford F150 ABS Module Problems: All Models Included

Let’s learn more about why these problems are occurring.

Problem-1: ABS Light On Only And Blinking But No Brake Light

This erratic lighting issue points to electronics in your module going bad.

Inside the module, the microcontroller might have gone out due to heat or power surges, messing up signal processing and keeping the light on.

Dodgy solder joints or cracked circuits could also be why communication with the truck’s diagnostic system gets cut off, causing such ABS problems.

Worn-out internal parts like pressure sensors or hydraulic valves could interfere with brake pressure control, causing these specific warning lights to start acting weirdly.

Moisture sneaking in from bad seals or the environment could worsen the problem.

So how can you fix this ABS Light issue?

You’ll need to get a replacement OEM ABS module. However, as an alternative, you can also try sending your current one to a technician. Module Repair Pros are a fairly popular option and pretty decent at fixing these issues.

You’ll get a fixed module in less than 5 days and the repair cost will be only about $165. And if you don’t have money for either, you could always try getting a part from the junkyard, though it’d be a gamble on how well that part works.

Problem-2: No Communication With The ABS Module

Ford F-150 trucks often encounter trouble because the vehicle systems can’t communicate properly with the ABS module.

This sets off warning lights for traction control, brakes, rear park aid, and the power steering assist fault in the F150.

The real issue usually hides in a bad wire in the wiring harness. The wire breaks communication between the ABS module and other important parts, causing a domino effect of failures.

Swapping out parts like the power steering angle sensor or the ABS module won’t be able to fix this. This can also be the reason you see the U0415 Ford DTC code.

You should check fuses #61, #11, and #107 in the under-hood fuse box, verify power and ground at the ABS module connector, and test the continuity of the CAN network wires between the ABS module connector and the data link connector.

Also, fix any wiring damage as needed.

Problem-3: ABS Light and Pre-Collision Are Both Unavailable

There’s another common problem with the ABS module showing error code C101F:49, often with the ABS and pre-collision warning lights flashing when you brake.

This happens because the truck’s electronic controls get disrupted due to big changes in temperature or water getting in.

This affects the ABS/Booster Module, which is important for managing anti-lock braking and collision avoidance.

As a result, the network of sensors, actuators, and control units connected to the module becomes prone to problems.

If you bump into this, you might see other error messages showing electronic failures or sensor issues, indicating bigger problems. And if the entire module itself has gone out, you can look for a DTC code like C1185.

To fix these issues your best bet is to replace the ABS/Booster module, which can cost a lot as a fresh part, around $1000 to $1900.

Problem-4: ABS Light On, No Codes, Brakes Work Fine

If the ABS light comes on and there are no DTS codes or warning messages, plus the brakes work fine, the wheel speed sensor or its mounting could be the problem.

This sensor is important for the ABS as it keeps track of how fast the wheels spin and sends the data to the ABS control module.

If the sensor isn’t on tight, it might not notice changes in wheel speed accurately, which can make the ABS kick in when it’s not needed and light up that ABS warning.

Even though the ABS is acting up, your regular brakes should still work fine because they’re separate from the ABS. But without the ABS helping out, you’re missing those extra safety features.

So, that loose sensor has to be taken care of to get brakes back to full strength and keep yourself safe on the road.

To fix this, you should diagnose all the sensors related to ABS, and replace or fix them as needed.

How To Reset The ABS Control Module In Your Ford F-150?

You’ll need to reprogram the whole module to do a proper reset oof the ABS module in your F150. However, there’s something like a soft reset that you can easily give a go with:

  1. Turn the key to the “on” position without starting the engine. 
  2. Wait for the lights to come on.
  3. Quickly press the gas pedal three times.
  4. Wait a bit. If the ABS light is still on, start the engine.
  5. If the light stays on, drive the car over 15 miles per hour.

Sometimes, this can reset the ABS system and turn off the light. And since I’ve told you already that reprogramming the module is a surefire way of resetting it, here’s a video of the process:

ABS Module Replacement Cost For Ford F-150 Year By Year

I’ll give you a quick rundown of the ABS module replacement prices of all the years of the F150 that had their ABS control module break often, as well as information on the recent options.

  • 2008 Ford F-150 ABS Module Replacement Cost: Around $200, part number 8L3Z-2C219-A.
  • 2010 Ford F-150 ABS Module Replacement Cost: Around $280, part number AR3Z-2C219-C.
  • 2013-2014 Ford F-150 ABS Module Replacement Cost: Around $550-$650, part number DL3Z-2C219-C.
  • 2019-2020 Ford F-150 ABS Module Replacement Cost: Around $500 to $550, part number KL3Z-2C219-C.
  • 2021-2024 Ford F-150 ABS Module Replacement Cost: You likely won’t find anything for these years. Turns out Ford doesn’t offer a replacement for these ABS modules right now. Your best bet is to get a used part.


Where Is The Abs Control Module Located In An F-150?

The ABS control module in most F-150 trucks is usually tucked near the brake master cylinder or inside the hydraulic control unit (HCU), which manages the braking system.

Is It Safe To Drive With The Abs Light On?

Driving with the ABS light on is risky because your truck won’t stop as it should in emergencies.

Wrapping Up

While you might have to reach out your neck and dish out the big bucks for a fresh replacement, the other fixes are still very reliable.

So, give them a go. I’d rather not have one of my awesome readers end up injured. Stay safe out there.

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