So, you’ve found yourself with only one key for your F150 and need to program a spare? You might be asking yourself if you can program a Ford key yourself.

Well, good news, You can! Even those fancy new Transponder Chip Keys with remote buttons are an easy job; SecuriLock won’t get in your way.

Let’s get going with the guide then.

How To Program F150 Transponder Key/PATs Key With Only 1 Key

You can do Ford F150 Key Programming with just one key, even if it’s an entirely new key.

You’ll need an OBD II Key Programmer for this; nothing more—not even a Forscan tool or a spare key. You can even do this without having the original key at hand at all.

I recommend using Simple Key from Tom’s Keys, it works perfectly with the below method.

  • Get the key cut through any locksmith near you.
  • Plug an extension cable into the OBD II port.
  • Get the Simple Key programmer.
  • Set the dial to position 8, as said in the manual.
  • Remove the seal on top of the key programmer.
  • Turn off truck accessories to save battery during programming.
  • Slide the new key into the ignition and turn two clicks to the on position.
  • Plug the programmer into the OBD II port extension.
  • Once plugged in, push the button at the bottom of the tool – a beep will mean programming started.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes; it’ll alert you with a tune when you’re done, and you’ll hear the locks click too.
  • Turn the truck off and unplug the programmer.
  • Remove the key from the ignition and put it back in.

That’s all you’ll need; your key should work perfectly now. Remember to check if the key’s buttons work.

Remote Button Programming

The programmer should do the job by itself, but if it doesn’t, try this:

  • Press the unlock button on the driver’s door panel.
  • Insert the key into the ignition.
  • Turn it 8 times in 10 seconds and end in the run position.
  • Now, press the buttons. Do so with both the new and any old keys – the one you don’t press might get unpaired.
  • Turn the new key in the off position, and the lock cycle will click.
Fun Fact: This process works with other Ford trucks like the Ford Explorer and Ford Escape – you can check the programmer’s sale page for the full list. So, if you use this to make a spare key, you can also get one for any other Ford cars you own.

What is The Cost for F150 Key Programming At Dealerships Or Locksmiths?

You might have to pay about $125 for the key to be cut and another $85 for the programming. Do this yourself, as you can get the key and the programmer for less than $100.

Final Thoughts

Simple, right? There’s little to no chance of going wrong. Do keep in mind though, that you’ll need to program all your own keys.

If you’re just getting a spare because you don’t have temporary access to your original key (say, you gave it to your significant other), you’ll have to do things all over again.

That’s all for this post. Good luck with your programming.

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