If your Ford F-150 sunroof won’t close, it could be due to broken tracks, a software issue, or a dried-out seal. First, try lubricating the seals. If that doesn’t help, replace the track rails and recalibrate the sunroof. As a final option, consider swapping the entire track assembly.

If you want the full procedure as well as a way to temporarily close the sunroof manually, keep reading.

Why Won’t The Ford F150 Sunroof Close All The Way?

I’ll help you understand why you’re dealing with all these issues first.

1. Busted Tracks

Tracks/rails on the sunroof can go out due to wear and tear over time or from debris that gets lodged in the track system.

The guide arms, which are responsible for ensuring smooth movement of the sunroof, can become damaged or misaligned, causing the sunroof to malfunction.

When these tracks are compromised, the sunroof may get stuck or struggle to close properly. Broken plastic parts within the track assembly can make the problem worse, adding to the obstruction.

All these track issues stop the sunroof from moving entirely.

2. Software Glitch

Sometimes the sunroof in the truck doesn’t close right because of a software problem. Software problems can happen when the power gets interrupted, like when you disconnect the battery or when there’s work done on the electrical system.

When this happens, the sunroof forgets its position and limits. So, when you try to close it, it might not line up correctly with the roof of the truck.

The system gets mixed up and doesn’t know the right settings, so the sunroof might not close all the way or it might close a bit and then open back up unexpectedly.

3. Dried Seal

In some Ford F-150s, the sunroof might not close because the glass gets stuck to the rubber seal around it.

This happens when the rubber seal dries out and loses its flexibility due to not being greased properly.

The seal is supposed to keep water out when the sunroof is shut, but if it’s not greased enough, especially in places with big temperature changes, it can get sticky and stick to the glass if the sunroof is left open for a while.

When you try to close the sunroof, the sticky seal makes it hard for the glass to slide smoothly, so the sunroof might jam or not close right.

How To Fix The Stuck Sunroof On F150?

Now I’ll walk you through all the best ways to repair the Ford F150 sunroof stuck open.

How To Fix F150 Sunroof That Won't Close

1. Use Lubricant

If you can move the sunroof back and forth, you should try to give this basic maintenance process a try.

It can help in cases where the panoramic sunroof won’t close, is stuck in a tilt position, or won’t even open.

  • Position the sunroof glass slightly lifted to access the seals.
  • Clean all three sides of the seals (driver’s side, rear, passenger side) using isopropyl alcohol and a rag to remove dirt and debris.
  • Fully open the sunroof glass by pressing the button twice.
  • Clean the aluminum frame around where the window sits with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Clean the front seal of the movable glass window that was previously inaccessible.
  • Apply Krytox lubricant along the body line where the seal will make contact, ensuring a thin, even coating.
  • Use a glove to feel where the lubricant has been applied for accuracy.
  • Apply a light coat of Krytox to the seal of the window itself, both front and back.
  • Test the sunroof by opening and closing it a few times to ensure it’s smooth and the lubricant distributes properly.

2. Replace The Track Rails

The tracks are usually why this happens, so start with changing them first. Here’s a rundown of the process.

Keep in mind, it’s a long one, so I’ll only be providing the gist of the thing here and I’ll add some resources you can use to get more details.

A. Removing The Track Rails

  • Remove the visor mount points and coat hook screws using a 7mm socket.
  • Gently release any clips holding the coat hooks with a 45° pick.
  • Unplug and set aside any electrical connections carefully.
  • Remove any additional components attached to the track.
  • Unscrew the glass mounting screws using a Torx 25, and remove the motor screws.
  • Locate and remove the 10mm bolts securing the track along the headliner.
  • Use pliers to detach clips or fasteners securing wires or components.
  • Carefully detach any remaining parts connected to the track.
  • Lower the headliner if needed, following proper procedures.
  • Maneuver the track out, noting its position for reinstallation.
  • Inspect the old track for wear or damage.
  • Prepare the new track for installation to match the specifications.

This is the video guide you may follow along:

Note: If you’re not noticing any broken parts when doing all this, you might want to put things back on and try the other fixes first. But if you do notice something broken, then follow along with the other steps of this fix.

B. Swapping Old Parts Into The New One

  • Prepare the old track for part transfer.
  • Remove the trough and gently take out the shade with a screwdriver.
  • Free the motors by removing the Torx 15 screw.
  • Compare and move over the deflector, shade, and motors to the new track.
  • Drill out the rivet and remove the deflector with a screwdriver.
  • Insert the rubber piece for the shade and thread it through.
  • Secure the shade, ensuring the locking mechanism engages.
  • Attach the motors using the provided screws.
  • Double-check alignment and installation.

Here’s a demonstration of the process:

C. Reinstalling The Tracks

  • Install the rear glass and secure the track with six screws.
  • Insert guide pins and use a 10mm wrench to loosely bolt the track on both sides.
  • Check that the wiring is free and clear, and clear the drain tube.
  • Position and secure the aluminum bracket over the track.
  • Tighten all bolts securely.
  • Replace the headliner, ensuring the wires hang down, and reinstall the rubber trim.
  • Reconnect wiring harnesses and interior lights.
  • Program the sunroof according to instructions and test its movement.
  • Adjust the glass for proper alignment, and check for leaks.
  • Once everything is working smoothly, the sunroof installation is complete.

For a closer look at the process, you can check out this video guide:

3. Do A Sunroof Calibration

If your rails are fine, then your calibration data might be off. Either way, even if you replaced them, you should still follow this:

  • Start the truck without starting the engine.
  • Close the sunroof completely. (If yours won’t move, try doing the manual close method at the end of the guide)
  • Press the sunroof switch once to activate the light.
  • Quickly press the switch four times: on, off, on, off.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Hold the sunroof switch in the closed position for 15-20 seconds.
  • Turn the ignition back on with the engine off.
  • As the sunroof moves alongside the shade, briefly release the switch, then press and hold it again.
  • The sunroof will move fully from closed to open, then back to closed.
  • When the shade fully closes, the initialization is finished.

Your sunroof should now be recalibrated and working properly.

4. Replace The Whole Track Assembly

Now, if nothing else works, you’ll need to change out the assembly. This can save you a couple of dollars, as the parts themselves are just around $150. 

It’s a rather long and delicate process, though, as you’ll need to take apart a lot of things. I can’t squeeze in the whole process here, so I’d recommend looking up a video yourself and replacing the whole thing with a sunroof repair kit.

How To Manually Close The Ford F150 Sunroof?

If you want to keep the sunroof closed till you can get a repair done, you can follow these steps.

  1. Remove the four screws holding the glass in place.
  2. Carefully lift out the glass panel.
  3. Disconnect the sunroof switch assembly by unplugging its connector.
  4. Identify broken parts and use zip ties to secure them.
  5. Locate the two pins in tracks and secure them with zip ties.
  6. Put the pins back into their tracks.
  7. Reinstall the glass panel, aligning it using the larger holes for positioning.
  8. Tighten the screws to secure the glass.
  9. Ensure the glass is properly sealed along the edges to prevent leaks.


Was There Ever A Ford F150 Sunroof Recall?

As of now, there’s no recall for Ford sunroofs installed on F150s. There’s only one for Ford Transit Connects (2014–2017) with a Panoramic Fixed-Glass Vista roof.

How much will it cost to replace And Repair the Ford F150 sunroof

It will cost you around $1200-$2000 to replace and repair the sunroof on your Ford F150. The dealership will need to remove the headliner to change out the whole assembly.

Can I repair my F150 moonroof with this guide?

If your F150 has a moonroof, it’s a type of sunroof that works a bit differently. You can’t take it out of the truck like a regular sunroof, and the mechanism is a bit different as well. It’s better if you follow a separate guide.

Final Thoughts

If your F150’s sunroof won’t close right, you need to fix it before it rains. These fixes should help you with f150 sunroof problems and keep your truck dry when the weather turns.

If all is well, the lubricants will do the job, and you won’t even need to get a repair kit. Either way, good luck with the repair.

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