Spare tires are super handy, and practically all trucks come with them these days. But it’s not as simple as pulling one off from the back and sticking it in.

You have to follow a specific, albeit simple, process. And I’ll share that with you here so you can get yours changed in a jiffy without being forced to bumble around.

Let’s get going.

How To Remove Spare Tire In F150?

This is an easy 10-minute task; here’s what you need to do.

  1. Grab the jack extension bars from under the rear passenger seat.
  2. Take them out and put them together.
  3. Get your key fob; it has an access key on the back.
  4. Find the slot at the back of your truck, near the license plate.
  5. Line up the tool with the plastic funnel inside the keyhole.
  6. Push it in, and turn it counterclockwise to lower the tire. 
  7. Loosen the mechanism enough to lower the spare tire fully.
  8. Fish out the bracket attached to the spare.

That’s all you need to know. But if you want to be prepared for more unusual scenarios, I’ve got some advice to offer, too.

Ford F150 Spare Tire Removal Removal Without Tool

Disclaimer: There’s no specific method that applies to the F150, and you can find plenty of instructions over the internet. Below is a method often used by the users of this truck – but it’s possible that this might not work with your model. Be sure to double-check first.

You’ll need the following tools:

  • Long Extension
  • 1/2-to-3/8-inch Adapter
  • 3/8-inch Drive Extension
  • 7/16-inch 12-point Socket
  • Battery-powered Impact Wrench
  • Wheel chocks or wood blocks as alternatives.

Here are the steps to remove the spare tire without a spare tire removal tool:

  1. Park the truck on flat ground and put the parking brake on.
  2. If needed, use 4×4 blocks of wood to prop up the truck on uneven ground.
  3. Lay down a rubber or water-resistant mat for stability and comfort.
  4. Use a battery-powered impact wrench with the 1/2 to 3/8 inch adapter and the 7/16 inch 12-point socket to loosen the spare tire winch.
  5. Make sure the adapter stays firmly on the extension.
  6. Lower the spare tire winch until you can grab the spare tire.
  7. Take the spare tire off and place it on the ground.

Ford F150 Spare Tire Removal Removal Without Key

While it’s easy to be creative when you don’t have your OEM jack, things can get a bit more patchy when you lose the key itself. Fear not, though. This is a fairly easy process and should be safe as long as you’re careful.

Here are the tools needed: Socket, Extender, Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver and Crank.

Here’s how to remove the spare tire without the key:

  1. Park your truck on a flat spot.
  2. Set the parking brake and put blocks under the tires.
  3. Find the hole by the back fender to release the spare tire.
  4. Stick the 14mm socket onto the extenders to reach the lock.
  5. Tap the socket onto the lock with a hammer until it sticks.
  6. Use the wrench to turn and lower the spare tire.
  7. If needed, lift the back of the truck safely.
  8. Loosen the bolts on the tire before lifting the truck.
  9. Remove the plastic tube by hand.
  10. Pry the socket loose with a screwdriver.
  11. Take off the lock for easier future use.

Wrapping Up

Well, here’s to no longer risking being stranded on the road for something as simple as a flat tire.

Even if you end up losing your jack or even your key fob, you can get things taken care of and get yourself a new key later.

With all this info, when it’s time to swap tires, it’ll just be a relaxing menial task. That’s about it. Good luck out there and stay safe on the road.

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