Have you ever wondered about the difference between Ford XL and XLT? Maybe you’re leaning towards the XL for its no-frills practicality or eyeing the XLT for its sleek features.

Either way, understanding these differences will help you pick the right trim. In this article, I’ll break down what sets these trims apart, helping you determine which F-150 suits you best.

F150 XL or XLT: What’s the difference?

The key difference between the F150 XL and XLT trims is that the XL trim is a practical and cost-effective option, while the XLT trim offers added style and comfort for a slightly higher investment.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the differences:

AspectF-150 XLF-150 XLT
Engine OptionsLimited choice.More diverse selection.
InteriorBasic setup.Enhanced features and tech.
ExteriorFunctional design.Stylish with added features.
SafetyStandard safety features.Additional tech and conveniences.
PackagesWork-focused packages.Style-focused Ford XLT package.
CapacitiesEqual across models.Equal across models.
AccessoriesSimilar offerings.Similar offerings with tiny differences.
PricingMore budget-friendly.Higher price.

1. F150 XLT Has Better Engine Options Than XL Trim

Both the Ford F-150 XL and XLT start strong with a 5.0L V8, packing a huge 400 horsepower. In terms of engine features, both are similar for the most part.

You even get less heavy engines like the EcoBoosts, which offer fuel efficiency. The 5.0L is your perfect bet for towing muscle.

The XLT, though, steps it up with extra engine choices like the 3.5L Power Boost Hybrid V6. It can make your truck even more eco-friendly without sacrificing power.

If you’re into more choices and performance versatility, the XLT takes the lead.

ford xl vs xlt Engine and Transmission

2. Ford XLT Trim Offers More Interior Features Than XL

The Ford F-150 XL and XLT have a decent interior setup with basics like a small screen, simple lighting, and standard air conditioning.

But, the XLT adds more to that. It adds color-coordinated carpeted floor mats for a touch of style, and includes standard cruise control, giving you more convenience and control.

The XLT also upgrades to the SYNC 3 entertainment system, a user-friendly tech boost from the basic AM/FM stereo in the XL.

Things don’t end there, either – you can even get more advanced Dual air conditioning with the XLT.

To top that off, you also get heated seats, electronically reclining seats and lumbar support.

If you want a bit more style and tech in your daily drive, the XLT is the way to go.

3. F150 XLT Has Extra Exterior Features Unlike XL Trim

Moving on, both trucks come with a tough steel frame.

They offer a simple Black Coast to Coast grille, but the XL has it in the standard black, while the XLT kicks it up a notch with a fancier Chrome grille for a bit more style.

The XLT stands out with extras like Zone Lighting, LED fog lamps, and LED taillamps, adding both safety and a modern touch.

The Chrome grille on the XLT gives it a more upscale look.

Plus, the XLT gives you more wheel choices, ranging from 18 to 20 inches, letting you customize it to your liking.

While the XL is solid in function, the XLT adds a touch of flair if a pickup that’s tough and looks good doing it is your thing.

xlt vs xl exterior feature

4. F150 XL Vs XLT Size

The Ford F150 XL and XLT remain evenly matched in exterior sizes and roomy interiors. Both offer the SuperCrew option, which is the best mix of dimensions you can get.

There’s no difference there, though.

That means a 145.4-inch wheelbase, a total length of 231.7 inches, and cabins that are 75.6 inches tall and 95.7 inches wide with mirrors (or 79.9 inches without).

Inside, it’s roomy too, with 40.8 inches of headroom, 66.7 inches of shoulder room, 62.5 inches of hip room, and a max legroom of 43.9 inches.

And there’s more to it: the bed stretches out to 67.1 inches, and the truck can make a U-turn in just 47.8 feet.

It sits 8.5 inches above the ground and can handle slopes with angles of up to 21.8 degrees in the front and 22.9 degrees in the back.

With these versatile dimensions, both trims are well-suited for various tasks, from daily commuting to rugged off-road adventures and hauling heavy loads with ease.

5. F150 XLT Offers Better Safety Features Compared to F150 XL

Both the Ford F-150 XL and XLT share core safety features like a Rear View Camera, AdvanceTrac, and full-fledged airbags.

They both have Curve Control and Anti-Lock Brakes for stability, along with standard security measures.

However, XLT comes with extra options like the Trailer Tow Coverage and a Remote Start System for added convenience.

You also get better anti-theft measures like the Remote Keyless Entry System SecuriCode and Driver’s Side Keyless Entry Keypad.

So, while the XL covers the basics well, the XLT brings in some extra safety tech and ease for those who want a bit more on the road.

6. Both F150 XL And XLT Trim Offer Good Add-On Packages

The F150 XL focuses on heavy-duty work and doesn’t have many frills—just the bare essentials.

You get a Class IV Trailer hitch and a Tow/Haul Package, along with some aesthetic options like the Heritage Edition package.

In contrast, the XLT offers all that as well as style with packages like Heritage and Black Appearance, providing a customized and eye-catching look – which also makes it cost more.

You get the popular FX4 Off-Road Package, too.

If you prioritize convenience along with affordability, go for the XL; if you want a head-turning truck, the XLT’s appearance packages have you covered.

xl vs xlt packages

7. F150 XL And XLT Towing, Seating, And Fuel Tank Capacities

Both the 2024 XL and XLT models offer the same seating options: three for Regular Cab and six for SuperCab and SuperCrew.

They have a standard 23-gallon fuel tank. But the XLT can get you a bit more with the PowerBoost Hybrid variant, which has a unique 30.6-gallon capacity.

As for the actual Fuel Efficiency itself, XLT has a City Highway MPG of 19/25 MPG with 21 combined. XL has the same level of efficiency, too.

In terms of weight, both XL and XLT configurations match up. You’ll get a Towing capacity of 7,400 to 9,200 lbs and a Payload Capacity of around 1,655 to 2,078 lbs.

The SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations are also similar.

So, whether you go for the XL or XLT, the Ford F-150 is good for carrying stuff and comfy for passengers.

8. XL Has A Small But Handy Addition Compared To F150 XLT

Looking at optional accessories, the Ford F-150 XL and XLT are pretty much the same, offering cool stuff like cup trays, cargo solutions, and stylish touches.

Both come with handy extras like keyless entry and towing options.

The only tiny difference is that the XL has a hidden lug wheel lock kit that the XLT doesn’t. That means just a tiny bit more wheel security.

But overall, they’re both loaded with extras for a personalized ride.

9. F150 XL Is Less Expensive, XLT Has A Luxury Price

In terms of pricing, the Ford F-150 XL starts at a more budget-friendly $36,770, while the XLT comes with a slightly higher tag at $47,620.

The XLT costs more for its extra touches, providing a bit more style, comfort, and versatility compared to the straightforward XL.

You can always personalize your truck with aftermarket modifications and accessories, so considering that and the base price, I’d call the F150 XL the winner here.

is F150 XL Or XLT better For You?

If you need a dependable work truck that’s easily customizable, without unnecessary frills, and allows for personalization without breaking the bank, then the F150 XL is the ideal choice for you. If you prefer a more comfortable and upscale truck with added features such as an improved SYNC system and adjustable, heated seats, the XLT is an excellent choice for you.

Before finishing off, let’s address a common question that often arises: What do XL and XLT mean on Ford? The XLT means “extra luxurious truck,” while XL stands for “extra lit.” These interpretations might tickle your funny bone, but they’re about as official as a rubber chicken at a board meeting. These are just some wild theories floating around the petrol-head community.


Can I Add STX And FX4 In XLT Or XL Trims Of F150?

With 2024 F150 you cannot. There’s still the FX4, but you’re only getting that with the XLT. In earlier models of the f150, both options were supported by either trim. Now STX is a trim just like XLT and XL.

Is F150 XLT and Lariat comparable?

Yes. When it comes to F150 Lariat vs XLT, things are not that different. The Lariat trim offers stuff like a leather interior and a few more extra frills. But otherwise, the Lariat is only one step up from the XLT trim.

Concluding Thoughts

So, after going through all the details about the F-150 XL and XLT, which one are you leaning towards? 

Since they’re so alike, what’s going to sway your decision is likely to be your aesthetic preferences, for the most part.

Either way, I hope this comparison helps you pick the right truck.

Good luck with making the best pick!

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