The Blue Cruise is Ford’s hands-free driving tech. Is it a must-have or just a splurge? Stick around to find out if BlueCruise is worth the hype or if you can even install it on your F150.

Can I Add Blue Cruise To My F150?

No, you can’t add Blue Cruise to your F-150 if it doesn’t come with it, as it is a tightly integrated system.

To start with, Ford’s subscription model and the complexity of Blue Cruise make aftermarket installations impossible.

The system relies on specific vehicle configurations, and retrofitting could lead to serious safety and liability issues.

The full Blue Cruise system, including Co-Pilot 360, cameras, sensors, and reprogramming, is not practically available for non-equipped vehicles.

Blue Cruise is only possible when purchasing an F-150 that comes with it built-in.

Which Ford Models Have BlueCruise?

BlueCruise is available on the following standard F150s:

  • 2024 F-150 Lariat
  • 2024 F-150 King Ranch
  • 2024 F-150 Platinum
  • 2024 F-150 Tremor

It’s available as an option for the 2024 F-150 XLT and included in the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum and Lariat models.

Besides that, you can also find this tech on the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-Es and Ford Expedition Platinum.

How Does Ford BlueCruise Work?

Blue Cruise by Ford is a Level 2 driver-assist system, meaning it helps with some driving tasks under specific conditions.

Blue Cruise uses cameras, radars, GPS, and maps to take control of acceleration, steering, and braking.

Equipped vehicles have a front camera and rely on GPS and maps to determine approved highways called Blue Zones.

Once in these zones, the system notifies the driver with a text and a blue light. In Blue Zones, you can release the steering wheel, though you must stay alert at all times.

The system monitors your head and eye movements and gives warnings if signs of distraction or fatigue appear.


Is Bluecruise As Good As They Say It Is?

For the amount of money it costs, no. BlueCruise is decent for hands-free driving, handy in traffic, and user-friendly. But the $800 subscription fee per year seems steep.

How To Activate Bluecruise On F150s That Come With This Feature?

First, set up by getting the FordPass® App, adding your VIN, and activating the FordPass Connect modem on the center screen display. Turn on Lane Centering with Hands-Free in the car’s settings. On the road, hit the Adaptive Cruise Control button on your steering wheel, make sure the Lane-Keeping System is on, and enter the hands-free Blue Zone. 

Final Thoughts

You can’t just slap Blue Cruise on any F-150, but the truth is, the Adaptive Cruise Control already does a solid job.

Given the hefty price tag, you’re better off sticking with what works and keeping some extra cash in your pocket.

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