The parking brake in your F150 can sometimes stop working properly, showing “Park Brake Limited Function”. When that message comes up, the brakes will barely work and won’t be as reliable.

If you’re dealing with that, keep reading. I have all the info and fixes you need.

What Does Park Brake Limited Function Service Required Mean In Your F150?

This message implies something’s wrong with the electronic parking brake system, but it’s not completely non-functional. A bad brake job, wiring issues or failed components like ABS sensor or EPB module normally cause it.

Let’s learn more about the causes first and then we’ll move on to how you can fix this problem.

What Causes Park Brake Limited Function Required F150

1. Botched Replacement

You can only replace your rear brakes if your F150 is in parking brake service mode.

This mode turns off the electronic parking brake so you can safely push back the rear caliper pistons.

If you skip this step and push the pistons back by hand, you can break the internal parts. This can cause the pistons to get stuck or the seals to break, leading to brake fluid leaks.

These leaks lower the hydraulic pressure, making your brakes less effective.

The truck’s computer senses this and shows the “Park Brake Limited Function” message.

Ignoring this can make the problem worse, wearing out the brake pads and rotors and making your truck less safe.

2. Failed ABS Sensor

The ABS sensor helps prevent skidding by watching the wheel speed.

If this sensor fails, it can’t give the ABS module accurate data, causing uneven braking. This makes it harder to control your truck during quick stops.

A bad ABS sensor can also mess with the electronic parking brake, which needs accurate data to work right. When your truck’s computer detects this issue, it shows the “Park Brake Limited Function” message.

A broken ABS sensor can lead to other Ford F150 ABS module problems, affecting your truck’s safety and performance.

3. Electronic Park Brake Module May Be Bad or Failing

The Electronic Park Brake (EPB) module controls the parking brake.

If the EPB module is failing due to software bugs, bad hardware, or electrical problems, it might sometimes fail to engage or release the brake.

Your truck’s computer will catch this and show the “Park Brake Limited Function” message. A failing EPB module can also stress other brake parts, wearing out components like caliper motors and brake pads.

As the module continues to fail, your brake system becomes less reliable, needing a full check and repair.

4. Wiring Issues

Wiring issues can seriously affect your Ford F150’s brakes—any of them, not just the parking ones.

Bad or damaged wiring can come from poor installation, manufacturing mistakes, or things like corrosion. These problems mess up communication between brake parts and control modules.

For example, if the wiring between the ABS sensors and the ABS module is bad, it can cause signal problems and ABS failures.

Similarly, damaged wiring to the EPB module can prevent it from working correctly.

Worst case scenario? Your truck might be a lemon. Many users have reported that even dealerships couldn’t help out with fixing the issue.

How To Fix And Reset The “Park Brake Limited Function Service Now” Message On Ford F150?

If you did a brake job earlier without turning on service mode, aka ford f150 park brake maintenance mode, it’s likely that. In that case, you have to redo everything you just did and hope that you don’t have to deal with damaged calipers.

In summary, you have to re-work your brakes again, replace the ABS sensor or the EPB module to fix the “Park Brake Limited Function Service Now” issue. You can also check the wiring and repair any broken parts.

Replacing ABS Sensor

  • Jack up the truck and secure it with a jack stand.
  • Take off the front tire.
  • Remove the brake caliper by loosening the 13-mm bolts.
  • Hang the caliper using a hanger or zip tie to keep pressure off the brake line.
  • Remove the brake pads.
  • Take off the caliper holder by loosening the 21-mm bolts.
  • Pull off the rotor.
  • Remove the back plate bolt with an 8-mm socket to access the ABS sensor.
  • Clean around the ABS sensor with compressed air or a cloth.
  • Remove the ABS sensor screw with a 5mm Allen wrench and pull out the sensor.
  • Insert the new ABS sensor, route the cable, and secure it with the new screw.
  • Reconnect the sensor plug, then put everything back: rotor, caliper holder, brake pads, caliper, and tire.
  • Check your dash to see if the text is gone.

Need a visual guide? This video might help; it’s a similar process for all the wheels:

Replacing The Electronic Parking Brake Module

You can follow these steps, taken straight from the F150 repair manual.

  • Find the EPB module above the driver’s-side kick panel.
  • Press the safety tab on the electrical connector.
  • Swing open the connector lock and unplug it.
  • Locate and remove the nuts holding the EPB module.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the module.
  • Unscrew the two nuts to release the module.
  • Take out the EPB module.
  • To reinstall, reverse the removal steps.
  • Clear the error code and reset the EPB system by turning the ignition ON.
  • Apply the parking brake twice within 5 seconds, pausing briefly in between.
  • Use a scan tool to clear any stored service codes in the EPB module.
  • Reactivate the EPB system by turning the ignition ON and pressing the accelerator pedal fully down.
  • Move the EPB switch to the activate position.
  • Turn the ignition OFF and back ON within 5 seconds. 
  • Release the accelerator pedal and EPB switch to finish reactivation.
Wiring issues are a lot less common, and there’s not anything specific you can look at. If you suspect a problem, refer to your F150’s electronic parking brake system diagram and inspect all wiring for any damage. If everything looks okay and there are no visible issues, you might just be one of the unlucky ones who ended up with a lemon.


Can I continue driving with the “Park Brake Limited Function Service Now” message displayed on my Ford F150?

It’s better not to. This issue can mess with your brakes, making driving unsafe. Get it checked out soon.

What should you do if the warning persists even after trying these fixes? 

The most you can do is contact Ford. If it’s really a lemon, they should help you get it fixed or replaced.

Are scanners supposed to pick up any codes for this issue?

Yes, a scanner should find error codes related to the parking brake system. Use an OBD-II scanner to read the codes and help figure out what’s wrong. You might spot an ABS module DTC if that part’s causing the issue.

Final Thoughts

That should get your truck’s brakes in order, although do keep in mind, these fixes are for “Park Brake Limited Function Service Now” message only. 

If you’re getting anything like Park Brake Malfunction Service Now Ford F150, that’s a different issue.

These should just take care of the issue for you, if it was any of the parts I mentioned. You won’t be dealing with the second error.

That’s all for this post. Good luck with the DIY repair!

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