Tired of the constant roar of road debris against your F150’s undercarriage? Mud Flaps (also known as Mud Guards or Splash Guards) might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

In this article, I’ll tell you how adding mud flaps to your truck can help it stay in good shape and maintain its resale value.

Equip F150 Mud Flaps Or Not?

Yes, mud flaps offer practical benefits for your F150 and help reduce some potential manual work you might have to do. Mud flaps minimize the impact of rocks, mud, and road debris on your F150.

Mud flaps contribute to preserving your F150’s paint and finish, especially on gravel roads or in construction zones.

Mud flaps reduce dirt and grime accumulation on your truck, ensuring easier maintenance.

Mud flaps ensure compliance with regulations governing road debris in certain regions.

Now, they do come with some small disadvantages. Certain mud flaps may require additional effort while being installed, such as drilling or tire removal.

Mud flaps can trap snow and ice during the winter, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on them.

Off-road enthusiasts have to be mindful of potential ground clearance limitations posed by specific mud flaps.

What Mud Flaps Are Available For Your F150?

Here’s a rundown of popular high-quality mud flaps other F150 users use:

1. Ford OEM Splash Guards

Sometimes, the basics are the best, and this time that stands true with these Ford OEM Splash Guards. They can protect your F-150 2021-2024 (Excluding Lightning, unfortunately) from mud, snow, and ice.

These guards fit seamlessly, deflecting elements away from your lower body panels. Made of sturdy black plastic, they won’t crack. The rear 2-piece kit suits styleside vehicles without wheel lip moldings.  Combined with the front guards, you can get them for $110. 

2. WeatherTech Mud Flaps

They make a snug fit and have decent durability, thanks to a special thermoplastic resin.

WeatherTech Mud Flaps flaps won’t sag or warp in changing temperatures, and the best part, no need to yank off your tires or mess with drills during installation. A set for both front and rear comes at $112, and they also offer a handy lifetime warranty.

3. Gatorback Mud Flaps

If you’re rolling in a 2021–2024 Ford F-150 (not Lightning or Raptor), consider the Gatorback Mud Flaps. They’re made from premium rubber, so you get a mix of toughness and flexibility.

No need for body drilling either, just a quick install. My favorite thing about them is that the front and rear coverage extends 10 inches below the fender, and they back up their sturdiness with a lifetime (albeit limited) warranty.

These come in a full set and are the most expensive on this list, costing around $360-$400.

4. Husky Mud Flaps

Husky Mud Flaps, usually priced at $74 (which is comparatively affordable) for both front and rear, will also likely exceed your expectations.

Made up of a robust thermoplastic material, they’ve got impact resistance covered. The powder-coated black finish is nice, as I feel like it adds a touch of style and, more importantly, durability.

Made in the USA and a breeze to install without drilling, these flaps are more than ready to tackle the elements.

5. REK Gen Mud Flaps

If you’re looking for a more universal fit the REK Mesh/REK Gen mud flaps might catch your eye. Featuring a sturdy design with heavy-gauge stainless steel matte black powder-coated brackets, they offer adjustability to fit various truck models.

The stainless steel build also means corrosion resistance, providing a practical solution for those desiring off-road style and dependability.

6. Rok Blokz Mud Flaps

If simplicity with a touch of style is what you want and you don’t care about fancy material, Rok Blokz Mud Flaps might be worth considering. With two sizes available, these flaps are crafted from heavy-duty material to withstand tough conditions.

Installation is straightforward using existing OEM locations. While they don’t shy away from requiring a hole drilled in the fender liner for the 2021+ Ford F-150, the color options can add a personalized flair to your vehicle.


Do mud flaps decrease The gas mileage Of your F150? 

It’s possible. Mud flaps might cause a slight dip in gas mileage due to added drag. However, the impact is usually minor and depends on the specific design and material of the mud flaps. Keeping an eye on your truck’s performance can help manage bad gas mileage.

Concluding Insights

Protecting your F150 from the wear and tear of the road doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Mud flaps offer an easy solution, and with the diverse options available on the market, you can tailor your choice to match functionality, aesthetics, and your driving style.

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