The F150’s 110V outlet may not work because of a failed inverter, blown fuse, or broken outlet. You’ll have to upgrade the inverter, replace the blown fuse, or swap out the damaged outlet to fix this issue.

If you want to learn how to use these simple solutions to get your F150 outlet back in action, keep reading my article for the full lowdown.

Why Is Your Ford F-150 110V Outlet Not Working?

Here’s a detailed look at why you’re dealing with such an issue in the first place.

3 reasons of Ford F-150 110v Outlet Not Working

1. Inverter Stopped Working

When the F150’s inverter stops working, it messes up the conversion of power from the truck’s battery.

The inverter’s job is to turn the truck’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

If the inverter fails due to too much demand or overheating, it stops the 110V outlet from getting the right power, making it useless.

2. Fuse Has Blown

Either due to a power surge or a short circuit, the fuse responsible for the 110V outlet probably blew up as a safety measure, causing it to lose power.

3. Outlet Is Broken 

Sometimes it’s as simple as the outlet being damaged. The prongs can get bent or broken over time, especially if things get rough.

Inside, the wiring or connectors might get messed up too.

If any part of the outlet is damaged from regular wear and tear, rough treatment, or even a manufacturing problem, it won’t be able to provide a steady power supply, leaving your 110V outlet useless.

How To Fix Your F-150’s 110v Outlet That’s Not Working?

The fixes aren’t too hard, though you might need to buy some new stuff. Let’s talk about what you can do:

1. Upgrade The Inverter

Ford’s built-in inverters can act up randomly due to their iffy quality. 

For a more reliable fix, consider adding a new inverter. Sure, you could replace the built-in one using the service manual, but in my experience, finding a good match is tricky. Adding a new one is a lot less risky.

So instead, I’ll guide you through installing a new external inverter:

  • Pick a well-ventilated spot for the inverter in your pickup truck.
  • Ground the black wire on a solid metal area.
  • Attach the black ground wire with a screw or bolt.
  • Trim excess ground wire, leaving enough for the battery.
  • Route the hot wire away from edges and heat sources.
  • Pass the hot wire through the firewall using a grommet.
  • Install the fuse near the battery; cut, connect, and secure the hot wire.
  • Mount the fuse holder securely with screws or zip ties.
  • Connect the hot wire tightly to the positive battery terminal.
  • Secure loose wires with zip ties and check all connections.
  • Test the inverter for a green light or working indicator.
  • Mount the inverter securely using screws or hardware.
  • Double-check connections, ensure there are no exposed wires and keep it tidy.

Not sure what to do? You can follow up with this video:

2. Replace The Fuse

Note: This only applies to 2009-2014 F150s. If you’ve got a different year, look up your fuse diagram to find the one that handles the 110V outlet.
  • Open the front hood of your F150.
  • Find the fuse box underneath.
  • Spot Fuse 33 inside the box.
  • Use a fuse puller or pliers to gently remove the blown Fuse 33.
  • Check if the metal strip inside is broken or melted; if yes, it needs replacing.
  • Pop in a new fuse with the same amps into the spot for Fuse 33.
  • Close up the fuse box.
  • Turn on your F150 and check if the 110V outlet is back in action.

3. Swap Out The Outlet

  • Get the replacement part and a 5/16 socket wrench.
  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal with the 5/16 wrench for safety.
  • Find the 110-volt outlet and check for the green light.
  • Remove broken pieces if the outer part is damaged.
  • Push down the tab and pull out the old outlet.
  • Take the new one, align it and slide it in.
  • Reconnect the negative terminal and tighten it.
  • Start the engine and check the green light.
  • Test it with a device to ensure it works.
  • Secure the console.
  • Double-check all the connections, and then you’re done with the replacement.


What does it mean when Ford F-150’s 110v outlet blinks yellow?

Yellow blinking on your Ford F-150’s 110V outlet indicates a fault mode. Likely, your device draws too much power. You can check out Ford’s service page to learn more.

Final Thoughts

I hope your Ford F-150’s power outlet comes back to working condition soon.

Now put these solutions to the test and hit the road with the confidence of a fully operational outlet at your service.

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