As an owner of a Ford F-150, the question of whether leveling kits are good or bad is something I’ve pondered for some time. While these kits promise a sleek appearance and improved off-road capability, they also raise concerns about suspension wear and fuel efficiency.

It’s a balancing act between desiring a more rugged look and ensuring my truck’s long-term performance. In this article, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of installing a leveling kit and assisting F-150 owners like myself to decide wether to install a leveling kit or not.

Are Leveling Kits Bad For F150?

No, leveling kits aren’t bad for F150. They serve their purpose and can be handy but demand thoughtful consideration, especially since they can take away chances for certain repairs. Leveling kits do provide decent advantages, they can:

  • Eliminate the factory rake for a more aggressive, leveled appearance.
  • Increased clearance at the front is ideal for off-road excursions and avoiding undercarriage scrapes.
  • Increase compatibility for larger tires, boosting both looks and off-road capability.
  • Improve handling, particularly when dealing with heavy loads.
  • Potentially provide better off-road capabilities through the right shocks, thanks to better clearance and approach angles.

Some of the biggest downsides of leveling kits are that they:

  • Mess with the headlights’ alignment, making them point higher. That might be a bother for oncoming drivers.
  • Increase stress on front suspension components, potentially affecting longevity.
  • Make the truck look odd when loaded or towing.


Do leveling kits wear out ball joints? 

Yes, leveling kits can wear out ball joints faster, causing issues like squeaking when going over bumps, compromising the suspension system and affecting vehicle safety.

How much is a leveling kit for F150?

The average leveling kit costs around $80, while premium ones are around the $300 range.

Does leveling kit void warranty F150?

Yes, adding a leveling kit can void your F-150’s warranty. You’ll face hassles with Ford if they end up pinpointing truck issues with the kit.

What size leveling kit do I need for F-150?

For a flat, dead-level stance on 2004–2018 F-150s, opt for a 2.5″ leveling kit, but beware that it can cause nose-high problems when towing. For 2021–2023 F-150s, a 2″ kit keeps things level without compromising the factory ride and fits various trim packages and features.

How long does it take to level a F-150?

Not long. You can level one in 1-2 hours.

Should I put a leveling kit or lift kit on my F-150?

For a stock-style look and practical use, go with a leveling kit, lifting the front end by 1.5 to 2.5 inches. If heavy-duty off-roading is your thing and you need more ground clearance (3 to 12 inches), opt for a lift kit.


A leveling kit can be a fun mod, as long as you can get your style without sacrificing any functionality you find comfortable.

Either way, I’d recommend holding off on installing the kit until you’ve got some decent miles on it. If you do decide to install, a high-quality pick is a must to keep your truck parts as safe as possible.

That’s all for this post – try not to regret whatever choice you make and enjoy your ride!

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