Ever wondered why your F150’s center console light won’t turn off, leaving you annoyed and concerned about your battery? I have the answers you need. 

Don’t worry; there’s practically little to no impact on the battery. In this article, I’ll explain why the light acts like that and how you can turn it off.

F150 Center Console Light Stays On, But Why?

First off, I’ll explain when it’s a normal occurrence, and after that, I’ll delve into the actual problems. 

Keep in mind that it stays on for different reasons compared to when the F150 interior light stays on. Now let’s check out the reasons one by one:

F150 Center Console Light Stays On

1. Normal Operation

Sometimes, the light doesn’t stay on because of an actual problem.

The console light’s duration of stay is linked to specific vehicle functions for convenience.

Here’s a brief rundown of the normal situations. In these situations, you can’t do much other than wait for the light to turn off.

  • Center Console Light: In certain trims, like the 2021 Expedition XLT, the light stays on for 10 minutes after you leave the car. This is a standard feature for interior lighting.
  • Media Bin Lamp: This light stays on while the lid is open and turns off when you close it. It’s powered by the Battery Saver Relay, shutting off after a set time (which varies) to save battery.
  • USB Charging: The light might stay on as long as the USB port is set to charge, typically around 75 minutes, but this duration can often be adjusted in vehicle settings.

2. Electrical System Failure

Corroded fuses can disrupt your truck’s electrical system, causing issues like lights staying on or features not working properly.

When a fuse malfunctions, it interrupts the circuit, leading to problems in the F-150’s electrical functions.

3. Faulty BCM

When there’s problems in body control module of your F150, it fails to send the signal to turn off the console lights, the truck remains illuminated even when it is off.

4. Malfunctioning Sensor

A broken sensor can make the console light stay on.

If the sensor, which checks if the doors are open or closed, doesn’t work right, it sends the wrong signal to the truck’s electrical system.

This mix-up makes the system think the doors are always open, keeping the console light on all the time.

how to turn off center console light in ford f150?

Now, let’s go through how you can take care of the light when it stays on because of an issue.

You likely have one of the three issues I went through above if you still have the light on after several hours.

Take Care Of The Fuse

There’s a specific fuse that can cause this particular issue. Let me tell you how to troubleshoot this:

  1. Identify and locate Fuse 32 in your vehicle’s fuse box, which is a mini 10amp fuse.
  2. Check the fuse for any signs of damage or black buildup on its feet.
  3. If there is black buildup, gently clean the fuse with sandpaper to ensure proper connectivity.
  4. With the fuse removed, turn off your truck to reset the electrical system.
  5. Verify that the center console remains off with the fuse removed and the truck turned on.
  6. Put the cleaned or replaced fuse into its original slot.
  7. Start your truck and check if all electrical components, including the console, function properly.
  8. Turn off the truck and lock the doors to see if the console turns off as expected.

Repairing A BCM

  1. Using a flathead screwdriver, open the BCM by popping the tabs on the circuit board.
  2. Flip the circuit board and examine solder points for micro-cracks or burnt spots, especially around electrical connections.
  3. Locate and note any burnt or melted solder points indicating the problem areas.
  4. Using a soldering iron, reheat and apply new solder to the identified faulty points on the circuit board.
  5. Reinstall the BCM in the vehicle and test the console light to ensure it functions correctly. Check for intermittent issues with windows and radio.

Fix The Sensor

  1. Open the console lid and locate the light connector behind it, usually near the cup holder.
  2. Purchase a 5V-compatible motion sensor, ensuring it fits in the space behind the console lid.
  3. Connect the sensor wires to the light connector, bypassing the existing sensor if necessary. Pay attention to the correct polarity.
  4. Drill a hole behind the console lid for the motion sensor. Secure the sensor in the hole to detect lid movement effectively.
  5. Close and open the door to test if the light responds correctly. It should turn on when the door is opened and off when it is closed.
  6. Secure the wiring neatly to prevent loose connections. Reassemble the cup holder and any removed panels, ensuring the sensor isn’t obstructed.
  7. Perform a final test to confirm the console light functions as intended. Open and close the door multiple times to ensure the sensor’s reliability.


Is the Center Console work surface available in all F150 packages?

The center console is available in trim levels like Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, Raptor, XL and XLT.

Final Thoughts

With the center console light problem sorted, your F150 is back to being your ideal companion on the road.

And as you can see, there’s no need to worry about your truck’s battery failing on you mid-drive because of the light not turning off.

That’s all for this post. Here’s to many more nights of comfortable, distraction-free driving.

Drive safe and enjoy the peace!

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