The Parking Brake Fault Service Now message in F150 is brought up by damaged wires or loose connections, though sometimes it can be the battery as well. To fix it, you’ll need to tighten all the connections, clean up your brake system and check your battery.

I’ll shed some more light on the topic in this guide, so keep reading.

What Does Parking Brake Fault Service Now In F150 Mean?

This message comes up whenever a big issue has happened with your Electrical Parking Brake system, to the point where using it is unsafe.

It’s not as bad as the Park Brake Limited Function Service Required alert, where some of the functions might still work.

What Causes the F150 Parking Brake To Malfunction?

The park brake malfunction in F150 is caused by improper brake maintenance, a weak battery, or wiring/connection issues.

Here’s a deeper look.

What Causes Ford F150 Parking Brake To Malfunction

1. Replaced Parts Without Going Into Maintenance Mode

If you swap out parts of the electronic parking brake without using maintenance mode, the system might not recognize them correctly.

Maintenance mode checks the brake system and ensures everything gets set up right. Skipping it can mess with communication, and that’s why you might see the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” warning.

2. Faulty Rear Caliper Parking Brake Motor

A faulty parking brake motor on the rear caliper means the brake can’t engage or release correctly.

This motor is needed for the brake’s operation. If it fails, the ECU notices the malfunction and triggers the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” alert, indicating the brake system isn’t working right.

3. Short Harness Stretching and Wire Breakage

If the harness between the body and the parking brake motor is too short, it can stretch when the suspension moves a lot, like during tire changes. That stretching can break the wires inside.

When a wire breaks, the system can’t communicate properly with the brake motor, and that’s what triggers the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” warning.

4. Damaged Park Brake Sensor/Switch (DTC P05E6)

Damage to the park brake sensor or its wiring (DTC P05E6) disrupts accurate brake status feedback to the ECU.

Since it’s so critical, its malfunction prompts the ECU to issue the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” alert.

5. Low Battery Voltage

Insufficient battery power affects electronic parking brake system functionality, which requires a stable voltage.

Low battery levels cause intermittent power loss, resulting in erratic brake system behavior. The ECU detects this and issues the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” warning.

6. Loose Connector on Axle

A loose connector at the axle disrupts communication between parking brake components and the ECU.

This can occur due to poor maintenance or physical damage. Signal loss or irregular signals prompt the ECU to issue the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” warning.

7. Open or Corroded Circuit Near Rear Brake Caliper

If there’s rust or a broken wire near the rear brake caliper, it can stop the parking brake motor from working right.

The system picks up on these problems and warns you with the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” alert.

How Do You Fix Parking Brake Fault In F150?

To fix the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” issue in F50, you have to secure the necessary connections, do some basic cleaning and potentially replace your EPB switch.

I’ve discussed more details on the fixes below.

Performing General Maintenance

Some of these might even solve problems with your F150 parking brake not releasing.

  • Look at all the brake connectors and make sure they’re all secure.
  • Research diagrams of your car’s brake system and clean it up properly.
  • Fix your battery or get it replaced.
  • Look at the wiring harness and make sure it’s not damaged. Lengthen it if it seems too short.

Replace The Park Brake Switch

This is the most hands-on fix.

  • Remove the interior trim piece near the parking brake pedal.
  • Take off the fuse box cover to access bolts and nuts.
  • Undo the two ten-millimeter bolts and two studs with nuts holding the fuse box.
  • Depress the clip and slide the fuse box backward to access the parking brake switch.
  • Use a quarter-inch ratchet to unscrew the seven-millimeter nut securing the old parking brake switch.
  • Replace the old switch with the new one and tighten the nut securely.
  • Slide the fuse box back into place and reattach the bolts and nuts.
  • Snap the interior trim piece back into its original position.
  • Test the new parking brake switch.

If you’re finding it hard to follow along, you can check out this video. It’s for a 2001 F150, but the process is similar to modern options, just make sure you have the brake assembly diagram of your specific model with you:

F150 Parking Brake Malfunction Reset Procedure

To remove the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” message, another thing you can do is enter the Ford F150 park brake maintenance mode and exit it to reset the brake system.

  1. Fully press the accelerator pedal.
  2. Insert and turn the key to the ON position (don’t start the engine).
  3. Simultaneously, push the EPB switch downward.
  4. Wait about 10 seconds until you hear the motors running.
  5. Confirm “Maintenance Mode” on the dashboard.

As for how to exit maintenance mode:

  1. Fully press the accelerator pedal again.
  2. Turn the key to the ON position, ignore the step if it’s already ON.
  3. Pull the electronic parking brake switch upward while holding the accelerator pedal down.
  4. Check the dashboard for the “Park Brake Off” indication.
  5. Test the parking brake to ensure it works correctly.


Did Ford make a parking brake malfunction recall for the F150?

Yes, there was one for 2021–2023. In 2023, Ford pulled back more than 870k F150s due to a wiring problem that kept randomly activating the parking brake. You can find more details on that here.

Wrapping Up

Don’t wait out on this one, you don’t want your truck to get even more damaged.

The brake systems are already in tight reach as it are, so get rid of the “Park Brake Fault Service Now” message ASAP.

Even the replacement isn’t that expensive, and you get to have a properly working safety net.

That’s all for this post, Stay safe on the road.

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